Saturday, August 3, 2013

List of Brick Walls for Branches of Our Family Tree

This list will state the last person before the brick wall with last known date and location and a specific contact person with email.

Please Note:  This Project is just being developed and much will be added as it is submitted.  Remember that your branch needs to be submitted by you to have info included!!!

1.   Thomas West, Sr. [b. about 1718 or earlier possibly in VA.]  Earliest record is birth of son, Ignatius West, in Granville County, NC in 1750.  John G. West: 
2.   Claiborne West [b. 1759] (Birth is listed on a tombstone, is there a photo or location of this marker?)  Earliest known record is a tax list in Buckingham Co., NC 1787-1788 when he is estimated to be about 28 years old according to date of birth on grave marker (15 Nov 1759).  George L. Holder: glholder AT
3.   William West [b. 1746] The earliest document found for William is the baptismal record for his two eldest sons in Shenandoah Co. VA, 1773. He resided in Rockingham Co. VA, where many of his children were born, before moving to Tennessee. He died in Greene Co. TN in 1829. (need info submitted!)
4.   William West [b. 1816 KY or TN] (need info submitted!)
5.   William West [b. 1798 Eng.] (need info submitted!)
6.   Charles West [b. 1774] (need info submitted!)
7.   Amos West [b. 1766] (need info submitted!)
8.   Robert West [b. 1834] (need info submitted!)
9.   James O. West [b. 1808] (need info submitted!)
10. David West [b. bef 1770 NY] (need info submitted!)
11. Silas West [b. 1826/27 AL] (need info submitted!)
12. Benjamin West [b. 1775 VA] (need info submitted!)
13. John West [b. bef 1730 VA] (need info submitted!)

Please submit any additional Brick Walls that may help us with this line of the West family to John G. West
Note: Labels in the right hand column will list names of individuals with the surname of WEST as full known given names and the letter "W" for West to provide room to list all of them in any one blog.

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