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West Families with Quaker Connections

Joy Ikelman posted on the West, Fike site 31 Aug 2013 [paraphrased]:
David West (Susanna Hoag) -- he was a Quaker, which seems to be unusual for the WEST Surname Project of the FTDNA Group #5.  I responded (shortly afterwards) with the following comments:

Thanks, Joy. I want to point out that there may be more Quakers than you think among the WEST family. Our Thomas West, Sr. family records can be found (in order) Granville, Bute (later discontinued into Warren & Franklin Cos.), Orange and then Chatham County before the family went into many separate directions.

Now, a little geographical history of early NC county formation. In 1752 Orange County was formed from 3 counties: Bladen, Granville & Johnston. In 1752 Thomas West was recorded in Granville Co. to the east of newly formed Orange Co. In 1764, Bute Co. was formed from the eastern 1/2 of Granville Co. where we can find records of Thomas West. In 1770, Guilford is formed out of the west 1/3 of Orange county (along with a near equal size of land from Rowan County resulting in Orange & Guilford being about the same size, side by side; except in the same year, Chatham County is formed from the S.E. 1/6 part of Orange County. Therefore in 1770, Guilford adjoined the entire western borders of Orange & Chatham County. In 1777 Caswell Co. took the N. 1/2 of Orange Co. reducing its size to nearly the same as Chatham Co. In 1778, Randolph was formed from the 1/3 S. part of Guilford making Randolph and Chatham sharing the exact same border between them, while the new S. half of Guilford's eastern border is shared with Orange County. Then, in 1785, Rockingham County was formed out of Guilford Co. reducing it to the same size as Orange Co. The result being that Guilford & Orange are at the top of a near square group of 4 counties with Randolph and Chatham being at the bottom. All four counties are about the same size, as well. This remained that way until 1849 when Alamance was formed out of the eastern 1/2 of Orange County squeezing in between Guilford & Orange, now making it into a 5-county square with 3 across the top!

I suspect that for many reading this the geography above is confusing... it is not to me; however, remember, I have been studying these county formations for about 35 years! The part to remember is that the area that became Guilford County was in very close proximity (actually was part of) the counties that Thomas West and family were. This whole area of North Carolina was the home of many Quaker families leaving Virginia with Guilford County becoming heavily inhabited by Quakers. Thomas West, Sr. son Ignatius West had a son William who married a woman by the name of Cook... she died quite young and William left little Abram with the Cook family of Guilford Co. while William decided to travel to Christian County, where his Uncle Thomas West had moved. He married a Lacy woman from Chatham County - they had twins that were born just after William had died! They grew up and were known as the West Brothers Gunsmiths. They were the half brothers of Abram. Now Abram married Sina Hadley, and they migrated with the Hadley's to Hendricks County, Indiana just east of Marion Co. which is Indianapolis (the state capital). I discovered last year that Hendricks Co. had a township known as Guilford Township... I thought that was interesting. At the library, I soon discovered that the Quakers who settled there were from Guilford Co., NC led by Abram West's father-in-law Hadley! Now, without any proof, I suspect that William West named his son Abram as a good Quaker name because his in-laws the Cook family were Quakers. A few generations later in Hendricks County, IN, Abram and his family became Methodists or Baptists... I will have to verify which denomination they became.

- Sumitted by John G. West

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Beware the Bookie Monster

The British Library's Collection Care Blog has an article that Dick Eastman suggests "should be required reading for anyone who cares for old books. The information applies equally to books at home or at a library, museum, or any other archive."

While many articles have been published in this newsletter and elsewhere about the damage to books by fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters, the article by Christina Duffy describes a different threat that is equally damaging: insects!

If you take care of books, you should read The Bookie Monster: attack of the creepy crawlies! article at

The Bookie Monster: attack of the creepy crawlies!

[From the British Library's Collection Care Blog - - link above, also]

Have you ever been described as a bookworm?
We hope the only bookworms encountered in our reading rooms are of the Studious genus, but did you know that there are a whole host of pesky pests out there hungry for paper? Fires and floods are usually the scenarios we think of when we hear about damaged books, but books are also susceptible to pest damage. “Bookworm” is actually a generic term and doesn’t apply to any particular species, although it is often used to describe the Anobiid beetle (Anobium punctatum).
Furniture beetle damage
Figure 1: The larvae of furniture beetles, Anobium punctatum, attack wooden book boards, shelving, frames and compressed paper. Copyright DBP Entomology
Where the passionate reader sees inspiration and literary genius, the pest sees a delicious and satisfying papery meal. Holes in books and bindings, large chewed areas and scraped surfaces are all evidence of pest attack. Thankfully, damage like this is largely historic and it is a matter for conservation rather than pest control. Our Preservation Advisory Centre has produced a free information booklet on Managing pests in paper-based collections written by Consultant Entomologist David Pinniger. Although there are physical and chemical treatments to control infestation, it is much cheaper and far more effective to use preventive methods. Here we take a look at a few of the culprits.

Name: Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)
Likes to eat: Paper

Silverfish (or fish moths) are nocturnal wingless scaly insects (10-15 mm) associated with damp conditions and require a localised humidity above 70-80%. They are named in light of their silvery exterior and slithery fish-like movements. 
Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)

Figure 2: The silverfish is a primitive insect with three bristles called cerci at the tail end where the abdomen tapers. Copyright Aiwok
Post-meal evidence includes irregular holes in paper and ragged, scraped surface areas. If they are particularly greedy they will preferentially target areas with glue or ink which may be more nutritious.
Silverfish damage
Figure 3: Silverfish (sometimes known as fish moths) leave irregular holes in paper around a scuffed surface. Copyright DBP Entomology
[See link below for the complete article listing several other insect pests (with photos) - great article for saving great books!  This article was previewed on Dick Eastman's EOGN]
Pests will only usually damage material because they are seeking nutrition. Collection items boasting mouth-watering edible materials such as wooden boards, textiles, adhesives, gelatine and starch can satisfy the pickiest of pests. Prevention is always better than cure so it is important to be vigilant for the signs of an infestation. If you are unsure about a potential pest problem contact the Preservation Advisory Centre for some helpful advice.
Christina Duffy
- See more at:

Earliest Known Record About Claiborne West b. 1759

In "Claiborne Dandridge West of Buckingham County Virginia" by Louetta West Wilson and John William Johnson (published 1967) on page 1, it states the earliest known record of him is on the Personal Tax lists of 1787-88 of Buckingham County, Virginia, where he is listed as residing on John Benning estate among the white tithables over 21 years of age.   In 1789-90 he is listed by name among the tithables on the estate of Robert Jones.  It is stated that he may have been an overseer [but no sources are given for this].  The book also states that at the time of the first tax listing he was 28 years old but this might be speculation based on the date of birth on his gravestone (15 Nov 1759), which was known to the authors of the book.  Claiborne died 1 Mar 1822 (gravestone and court estate records).  

After Claiborne’s death, his wife remarried (to her third husband) and died in 1839.  After her death Claiborne's joint gravestone with his wife was created based on information from an unknown person, possibly Claiborne’s last wife’s third husband [Ambrose Davie].  No other indication of a date of birth exists for Claiborne other than  the aforementioned tax list stating he was over 21 years of age and his gravestone created by an unknown person seventeen or more years after his death.  The fact that a day and month are included on the gravestone lend it credibility. A family bible of some description did exist but has long since disappeared.  Nothing is known of its contents and nothing can be concretely attributed to it.

As an addendum: The spelling of Claiborne’s (d. 1822) first name is uncertain.  No known signature as “Claiborne West” (or variant spellings of “Claiborne”) are known to exist.  He signed his will “Clab West.”  Other documents that may be attributed to him are signed “C West,” “Cl West”, or “Cla West” (deeds, petitions, etc.).  His gravestone (and that of his son) spells it “Claibourn.”  

Further, there is absolutely no known documentary record giving the “first” Claiborne’s (d. 1822) middle name or initial    A son of the Claiborne (d. 1822) is identified as Claiborne D. West (1810-1861) in several court records but the only known record mentioning a “Claiborne Dandridge West” is in a record left in the early 1900's by a son of the second Claiborne (1810-1861) referring to his father.

Certainly there is a “Claiborne” family prominent in early colonial Virginia and later,  which has been well scrutinized without a hint being found of either of our Claiborne's (father or son).

I would be most interested in hearing from  anyone having any sources to the contrary of anything covered here.

Submitted by George L. Holder  [glholder AT]

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Claiborne Dandridge West of Buckingham County, Virginia

Claiborne West b.1759 of Virginia

No known contemporary record gives the middle name or initial of Claiborne WEST, although a grandson left a statement written about 1921 that his middle initial was "C".

Although long standing family legends claim that Claiborne West (1759-1822) descends from one of the four sons of Sir Thomas West (1555 - 24 March 1601/2), second Baron De La Warr, of Wherwell, Southampton, England, no proof of that connection is known to exist in spite of intensive professional and amateur research beginning in 1924 or earlier.

Details of several generations of Sir Thomas West’s (1555 - 24 March 1601/2) descendants can be found in John Frederick Dorman, compiler and editor, "Adventures of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5", 4th edition, three  volumes (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 2007), vol. 3, pp. 486-508.

The information which follows is based almost entirely on the book: Louetta West Wilson and John William Johnson, "Claiborne Dandridge West of Buckingham County, Virginia" (Dallas, Texas: Southern Methodist University Printing Department, 1967).  This book contains much information not available here.  The book has been microfilmed and is available through the Family History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on FHL US/CAN Film 1036177 Item 6.

- Submitted by George Holder,   glholder AT

1 Claiborne Dandridge WEST, b 1759, d 1822 Christian Co KY
  + (Given Name Unknown) TINDALL, d 1800 VA
  2 Thomas WEST, b 1797 Buckingham Co VA, d 1870 Hood Co TX
    + Nancy Ann WOODSON, d 1850 Lafayette Co AR
  2 Benjamin WEST, b 1799 Buckingham Co VA, d 1885 Christian Co KY
    + Eliazbeth R. COSART, b 1811 NC, d 1841 Christian Co KY
* Second wife of Claiborne Dandridge WEST
  + (Given Name Unknown) SANDERS, d 1807 VA
  2 Edward WEST, b 1802 Campbell Co VA, d 1868 Red River Co TX
    + Susan T. JONES, b 1809 VA, d 1882 Red River Co TX
  2 Drury Amelius WEST, b 1804 Buckingham Co VA, d 1850 Shelby Co TX
    + Evalina P. RADFORD, b 1808 VA, d 1837 Christian Co KY
* Third wife of Claiborne Dandridge WEST
  + Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann WOODSON, b 1784 VA, d 1839 Christian Co KY
  2 Hector Rowan WEST, b 1808 Buckingham Co VA, d 1854 Vicksburg MS
    + VA OVERTON, b 1820 TN, m 1835
  2 Claiborne Dandridge WEST, b 1810 Buckingham Co VA, d 1861 Christian Co KY
    + Pauline N. RADFORD, m 1829, d 1830 Christian Co KY
    (Second wife of Claiborne Dandridge WEST, b 1810)
    + Serena HICKS, b 1831, m 1850
  2 William Henry Harrison WEST, b 1812 Buckingham Co VA, d 1854 Christian Co KY
    + Susan Stubblefield LONG, b 1818 Christian Co KY, d 1897 McCracken Co KY
  2 VA Louise WEST, b 1814 Buckingham Co VA, d 1849 Warren Co MS
    + Thomas Augustin COCKE, b 1809 VA, d 1836 Christian Co KY
    + Col. Josiah NEWMAN, m 1841
  2 Elvira Ann WEST, b 1816 Buckingham Co VA (or Christian Co KY), d 1896 Shelby Co, TN
    + Erasmus Stribling CRAWFORD, b 1815 Augusta Co VA, d 1865 Shelby Co TN
  2 John Jones WEST, b 1819 Christian Co KY, d 1854 Christian Co KY
    + Susan Jameson (or Jane) GLASS, b 1826 Christian Co KY, d 1888 Christian Co KY
  2 Elizabeth (Bettie) Claiborne WEST, b 1822 Christian Co KY, d 1892 Rankin Co MS
    + General Patrick HENRY, b 1802 Scott Co KY, d 1864 Rankin Co MS

[There is additional listing of generations 3 & 4 for the above that can be accessed here: - JGW]

Possible Connection Wests of Hanover & Caroline Co, VA

Benjamin West (b. 1775) of Hanover County, Virginia:
His Probable Genealogical Connections 
to the Wests of Colonial Caroline County, Virginia

A Project for West Family DNA Group #5
By Ben West
June 27, 2010 (Rev. August 5, 2013)

Abstract:  In this writing, I seek to relate a theory about how Benjamin West (b. 1775) of Hanover
County, Virginia and of West DNA Group #5 could be genealogically connected to the Wests of Colonial Caroline County, Virginia.  This theory is bolstered by a 25 out of 25 Y-chromosome marker DNA test match between a male West descendant of Benjamin West (b. 1775) of Hanover County and that of a male West descendant of Robert West (b. 1834) of Caroline County, Virginia.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Benjamin West (b. Ca. 1775-1780) of Hanover County, Virginia is the earliest proven ancestor
of Mr. AW, a match and participant in West Family DNA Project Group #5.  The 1810 Census
of Hanover County reveals a Benjamin West who was of 26 years of age and yet under 45.
The 1820 Census entries for Hanover County further disclose a Benjamin West who was the
overseer for a plantation of Thomas Root.   A Benjamin West, however, is not listed with a
separate Census entry himself for that year.  Group #5 researchers and I have not yet consulted
other records for this Benjamin West in Hanover County.

Among Caroline County, Virginia records, West researcher Hal Beumer found a Benjamin West
who may be one and the same as the Benjamin West of Hanover County.  I  myself believe
strongly that the Hanover County Benjamin West is, in fact, the same as a Benjamin West
who first appears in Caroline County, Virginia records in 1800.  What follows are my reasons:
Therese Fisher in "Marriages of Caroline County, Virginia 1777-1853," lists a Benjamin West
who married Nancy Clarke on November 13th of that year (1800) as a first supporting piece of evidence.

This item of evidence is significant, as the Benjamin West of Hanover County, Virginia was
married to a woman named Nancy.  I highly doubt that many Benjamin Wests who happened to
be married to a Nancy in central Virginia existed at the same time, and therefore, I believe that
these Benjamin Wests of Caroline and Hanover are the same person.  However, unfortunately,
no definite proof so far exists to corroborate my theory.  An analysis of further records, though,
bolsters my theory to a firm degree:

There are another six and one fourth pages left in this article compiled by Ben West that makes his theory very plausible!  If anyone is interested in reading the full article (of which I strongly suggest) please request it from Ben West: 

Will of Amos West (1819)

Ben West, a researcher for this family line, has theorized that his ancestor Amos West (b. 1766) is a probable son of Richard West (b. Ca. 1738) of Granville and Chatham Counties, North Carolina.  Richard West is the son of Thomas West, Sr. (b. Ca. 1718) of Granville and Chatham Counties and the ancestor of blog creator John G. West.  For more specific information about his theory, please e-mail him at
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
THE WILL OF AMOS WEST, Logan County, Kentucky Will Book B, p. 231 and pp. 257-258, Logan County Clerk's Office, 229 West Third Street, Russellville, Kentucky 42276-0358:
p. 231
A. Wests's Will
May the 6th AD 1819.  I Amos West Being at this time in a Low State of health but in intire Strengtth of mind do feell it injoind on on me to make this my Last will and Testament (Viz) I do here will to my beloved wife Anne one negro Girl caled Charlotte during her life or Widowhood also the the third of the Land whereon I now live Including the house &c agreable to a true estimate of value also one third of the Stock and &c which is not hereafter willd--I also Will to my Daughter polly Millikin one negroe Girl called Harrott--also I will to my Daughter Isabel Holkem one negroe Girl call'd Clarisa also I will to my Daughter Agness one negroe Girl calld Nancy & one Sorrel mare which is now call'd her's one Saddle and Bridle Which is to be paid out of my estate one Cow and Calf one ewe & Lamb one feather bed & furniture  Also I do will to my Son Leonard West Ninety Seven acres of Land Where he has now Improved and agreable to the lines laid off to him also one bed and furniture--I also will to my Son James West one horse worth Sixty Dollars one Saddle and bridle one feather bed & furniture one negroe boy call'd Carry  I also will to my Son Richard all the home tract & twelve & a half acres entered in the name of Charles Vickery together with the third of the Land I alot to my wife anne at her death or Widowhood also my negroe man George I alot to work for the Support of my present wife & two Sons James & Richard During her life or Widowhood--I also intend that Richard dopay to James Myson Four hundred Dollars when they both become of age all other part or parsel of my estate after the Dec'd of my wife or Widowhood the Remains of my estate together with George Shall be equally Divided & further I desire James Herndon & William Millikin to Execute this my will day and date above Signd.  survy'd
AMOS West (*Seal*)
Leonard West       }
William R. Drake }
J. Morrow               }
[The Will of Amos West--date of probate:  June 21, 1819]
pp. 257-258
West Amos
Beginning at three hickorys thence South 35 West 76 poles to a stake in a lane thence South 50 East 20 poles to a stake thence south 16 West 48 poles to a stake at the south west corner of the spring house thence S 55 West 76 poles to a honey lowcust in the out side line South 86 west 34 poles to a gum thence S 75 west 8 poles to a hickory thence North 10 East 40 poles to a blackjak thence North 55 East 40 poles to astake at the fence thence with the fuence South 50 East 40 poles to a stake thence North 36 East 36 poles to a stake thence North 50 west 8 poles to a stake thence North 3 East 20 poles to a stake in the lane thence North 64 west 56 poles to 2 black oaks in the outside line thence North 53 East 120 poles to a black oak and hickory thence south 49 East 20 poles to the Beginning  We your commissioners being sworn have proceded agreeable to order of court your worshipful court and and the will of the Decd to view and lay off the widow of Amos West Decd her dower of land by actual measurement as afore said dower giving her the rails lying around the ____ lot near the school house with all buildings on her dower lot except one corn house of two giving her first choice
18th Decm 1819
Wm Aingell
Philip Washburn
Wm Hickman
Philip Washburn for 2 days Surveying    $4
W Aingell & W Hickman 1 day eash? [each?] com'rs?    2--
Logan county Sct I Spencer Curd clerk of the county court of said county do hereby certify that at a county court held at the court house in Russellville on the 20th December 1819 the within attachment of dower was produced in open court and ordered to be recorded In testimony that the same together with this certificate Hands truly recorded in my office I hereunto set my hand
Spencer Curd

Submitted by Ben West

Thomas West of Virginia

Summary of Records for Thomas West of Spotsylvania/Stafford County And Thomas West of Orange Co

In the quest to find our Thomas West in ANY records in Virginia, one of our most promising leads to date originated from a deed record found by Penny Hardaway in which a Thomas West and his wife Catherine of Stafford Co, VA, sold 250 acres of land in Spotsylvania Co, VA in 1744. Additional searching provided the timeline of records below. Even though we do not know that the Thomas West listed in the deed record is our Thomas West, we did find some VERY interesting links which will be explained below this group of records.

1740 – A Thomas West witnessed several deeds in Spotsylvania Co, VA [Virginia County Records, Spotsylvania County 1721-1800 Transcriptions]

1740 – Oct 6 – Thomas West of Spotsylvania Co purchased 250 ac from Jos Brock of Spts Co. [Virginia County Records, Spotsylvania County 1721-1800]

1740 – Oct – Thomas West of Spotsylvania Co Summoned to Grand Jury [Unknown source, but probably Order Book Abstracts of Spotsylvania County, Virginia / Ruth & Sam Sparacio 1724-1742.]

1743 – Mar 12 – Thomas and Catherine West’s daughter Carty born in Stafford Co [Overwharton Parish Register 1720-1760,­stafford/parishregw.h­tm]

1744 – May 1 – Thomas & Catherine West of Stafford Co sold to Wm Long 250 ac in Spotsylvania Co, VA. [Virginia County Records, Spotsylvania County 1721-1800]

1744 – Nov 4 –Thomas West witnessed will of John West of Stafford Co [Downloaded from the WEST-L Archives on].

1746 – Feb 10 – Thomas and Catherine West’s son James born in Stafford Co [Overwharton Parish Register 1720-1760,­stafford/parishregw.h­tm]

One can find a detailed discussion of the above records posted on our web site at the following link:

There are three critical and interesting aspects regarding the above records:

1. In 1740 our Thomas West would have been about 22 years old according to our estimate of his age. The age of this Thomas West and our Thomas West seem to fit perfectly. If this were our Thomas West, it may have been his very first records.

2. The 1 May 1744 deed records mentioned that Thomas West’s wife was named Catherine. This record COULD support the family tradition found in Christine Reid’s ‘Small Book’ which stated that, “Katie Eastern married Thomas West.” To find out more about the information presented in the “Small Book”, see the discussion at the following link:

In addition, many records for a Phillip Eastin and other members of the Eastin family appear in nearby Caroline and Orange Counties. This confirms that a family did exist in the nearby counties that used the surname that was one of the variations of Eastern/Easton/Easti­ngs.

3. We know that the Thomas West of Spotsylvania Co, VA, migrated to Stafford Co from the above records. However, we do not know that the Thomas West that witnessed John West’s will is the same person. At this time, however, there is no reason to believe that he is not. More importantly, this John West is the same John West whose descendant’s DNA match our Thomas West. See the Group 5 West DNA results at the following link:­corn/westdna/­m

Also, for a more information on John West see our discussion on our web site at the following link:

The 10 Feb 1746 Overwharton Parish Record was the last record found for Thomas West in Stafford County. The records for this timeframe in Stafford County are very sparse. This could be the reason why no additional records have been found. Or, Thomas West could have removed to another county. Searching some of the nearby counties, we found the following list of records in Orange County, Virginia. Orange Co, VA was created in 1734 from Spotsylvania and lies just to the northwest of Spotsylvania, only about 5-10 miles from Stafford Co, across a small strip of King George Co. Keep in mind that we have no connection between the Thomas West of Stafford Co and the Thomas West of Orange Co other than items listed below the following timeline.

1746 – Thomas West vs Thomas Duncan in Orange Co Court index. [Orange Co, VA Gen Index to Orders & Minutes, Books 1-2]

1746 – Oct 12 – West Ignatius of King George Co purchases 527 acres in Orange Co, VA, from James Shorwood, book 10 pg. 296-7. [Bk 10 p 296 Orange Co, Deed Index and Abstract from 1658-1758 Charles County MD Families "The first 100 years", WorldConnect Family Tree by Mike Marshall].

1749 – Sept 28 – Thomas West begins road orders in Orange Co as a member of group to clear road [Orange Co, VA Gen Index to Orders & Minutes, Books 1-2]

1750 – July 26 – Thomas West appointed overseer of road in Orange Co [Orange County Road Orders 1750-1800 by Ann Brush Miller PDF from http://vtrc.virginia­ ]

1750 – Oct – Thomas West to be prosecuted for tending seconds. [Orange County Order & Minute books, LDS Microfilm #33037]

1751 – Jan 24 – Thomas West appointed overseer of high way in Orange Co (Road orders say 1750, but I believe written incorrectly) [Orange County Road Orders 1750-1800 by Ann Brush Miller PDF from http://vtrc.virginia­ ]

1751 – Thomas West vs Lawrence Strother (Estate?). [Orange County Order & Minute books, LDS Microfilm #33037]

1751 – Nov 29 – Thomas West received 30 lbs of tobacco for setting up sign post. This is last appearance on road orders in Orange Co [Orange County Road Orders 1750-1800 by Ann Brush Miller PDF from http://vtrc.virginia­ ]

1752 – Thomas West Listed in the titheables of Orange County [Orange County, Virginia Tithables 1734-1782, Barbara Vines Little. Lookup by Lib of VA]

1753 – Feb 22 –John Underwood appointed overseer of road in room of Thomas West in Orange Co. [Orange County Road Orders 1750-1800 by Ann Brush Miller PDF from http://vtrc.virginia­ ].

1753 – Apr 26 – Francis Taliafero against Estate of Thomas West in Orange Co. (dismissed) [Orange County Order & Minute books, Microfilm #33037]. This and the following records show that there were at least two Thomas Wests in Orange Co, VA during this time. One had died by 1753.

1753 – Apr 26 – William Hunter against Estate of Thomas West in Orange Co. [Orange County Order & Minute books, LDS Microfilm #33037].

1753 – Apr 26 – Thomas McCredie against Thomas West in Orange Co. (dismissed) [Orange County Order & Minute books, LDS Microfilm #33037].

1753 – Apr? 26? – Thomas West found guilty of tending seconds in Orange Co. [Orange County Order & Minute books, LDS Microfilm #33037].

1755 – Ignatius West awarded 184 Lbs of tobacco for serving as a witness for John Foshee in a suit against William Hust in Orange Co. for “four days attendance at this court & coming out of Culpeper County fourteen miles twice” [Orange County Order & Minute books, LDS Microfilm #33037]. Not sure if this Ignatius is the same as the one owning land in Orange Co or any of the other known Ignatius Wests.

1776 – Oct 24 Deed recorded in Orange Co Deed Book & court records in which Ignatius and Patience West of Stafford Co sells land in Orange Co, VA to William Strother. [LDS Microfilm #33016 – Deed Book 15 & 16, Orange Co, VA]

There seems to be only two minor details in the above records of Orange County that could POSSIBLY link this Thomas West to the Thomas West of Stafford County or to our Thomas West:

1. The existence of records for an Ignatius West seems to link this Thomas West of Orange Co to our group of Wests as the name Ignatius seems to be so prevalent in our group of Wests. The fact that this Ignatius was of King George Co when he purchased the land and then of Stafford Co when he sold it could be a possible link to the Wests of Stafford County.

2. The smooth connection of the time lines between the last record in Stafford and the first record in Orange County seems to link the two Thomas Wests together. At the very least, it is no reason to eliminate them from consideration of being the same person. The same statement (regarding the smooth connection of timelines) could be said about the Thomas West of Orange (who seemed to disappear from Orange Co records in 1753) and our Thomas West (who was first found on the 1754 Granville Co, NC, tax List).

This last record exhausts all of the available microfilm and Internet related records I have found for Thomas West at this time. Below I have listed the remaining detailed discussions on the West Family web site for Orange County records. I look forward to any comments regarding the above records or my opinions regarding their connections.

First group of records for Thomas West of Orange Co

Ignatius West of King George

Update on Thomas West of Orange

Another Update on Thomas West of Orange

Thomas West in Orange Co Court Orders

Land sale for Ignatius West of Stafford Co, formerly of King George Co

- Compiled & submitted Ron Roy

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Estate Records for Thomas West b. 1718

From CHATHAM COUNTY COURT MINUTES 1805-1811, North Carolina Department of Archives and History,  North Carolina State Archives, 109 East Jones Street, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27601-2807: p. 193 [Ben West sent this to me on 19 Feb 2005]

Wednesday February Sessions 1808

The last Will and Testament of Thomas West Senr. was duly proved in open Court by the Oaths of Robert Richerson and Elizabeth Richerson witness thereto and ordered to be Record[ed].  Whereupon Administration of the Estate of the said Thomas West senr is granted to Ignatious West with the Will annexed, he having entered into Bond in the sum of One hundred and Twenty pounds with Robert Richerson and Obed Powell his Securities and was duly qualified.

List of Brick Walls for Branches of Our Family Tree

This list will state the last person before the brick wall with last known date and location and a specific contact person with email.

Please Note:  This Project is just being developed and much will be added as it is submitted.  Remember that your branch needs to be submitted by you to have info included!!!

1.   Thomas West, Sr. [b. about 1718 or earlier possibly in VA.]  Earliest record is birth of son, Ignatius West, in Granville County, NC in 1750.  John G. West: 
2.   Claiborne West [b. 1759] (Birth is listed on a tombstone, is there a photo or location of this marker?)  Earliest known record is a tax list in Buckingham Co., NC 1787-1788 when he is estimated to be about 28 years old according to date of birth on grave marker (15 Nov 1759).  George L. Holder: glholder AT
3.   William West [b. 1746] The earliest document found for William is the baptismal record for his two eldest sons in Shenandoah Co. VA, 1773. He resided in Rockingham Co. VA, where many of his children were born, before moving to Tennessee. He died in Greene Co. TN in 1829. (need info submitted!)
4.   William West [b. 1816 KY or TN] (need info submitted!)
5.   William West [b. 1798 Eng.] (need info submitted!)
6.   Charles West [b. 1774] (need info submitted!)
7.   Amos West [b. 1766] (need info submitted!)
8.   Robert West [b. 1834] (need info submitted!)
9.   James O. West [b. 1808] (need info submitted!)
10. David West [b. bef 1770 NY] (need info submitted!)
11. Silas West [b. 1826/27 AL] (need info submitted!)
12. Benjamin West [b. 1775 VA] (need info submitted!)
13. John West [b. bef 1730 VA] (need info submitted!)

Please submit any additional Brick Walls that may help us with this line of the West family to John G. West
Note: Labels in the right hand column will list names of individuals with the surname of WEST as full known given names and the letter "W" for West to provide room to list all of them in any one blog.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome to the West Family Project

This blog is open to any and all that wish to view what the West Family is doing in relation to researching our family history.  Anyone may submit information to be posted here subject to approval of the blog's Administrators.  The focus will be on resolving "brick walls" in our various West lines.  

The particular line being researched is the West line that can be associated with the West Surname DNA Project as posted on the FamilyTreeDNA website ~ 
and listed as Group # 5.  Anyone may post comments and are encouraged to do so; however, posts will be moderated and will not be posted until they have been approved.  Anonymous posts generally will not be accepted, please use your real name.

What types of information will be posted?  Any document that establishes any fact of individuals that are known or suspected to be a part of this West family line including information about allied families that married into this family.  Some surnames of these allied families include: Brewer, Fike, Morgan, Henderson, Powell, Meacham, Buckner, Herndon, Williams, PLUS others to be added here as they are submitted. 

The Administrator for this blog is John G. West, a direct descendant of Thomas West, Sr. born in 1718 or earlier probably in Virginia (earliest found records on him are in Granville County, NC in 1750).  I have been researching for over 50 years and consider myself to be an extremely experienced beginner in genealogical research.  I have been a member of the Tri-State Genealogical Society for 35 years serving in various offices and committees including ten one-year terms as President.  I am very active in the Sons of the American Revolution serving in several offices on the Local Chapter, District and State levels.  I have been very active in the 4-H Genealogy Project for about 30 years serving as a county fair judge and for the last 6 years as an Indiana State Fair Judge for the 4-H Genealogy exhibits.  For the last 30 + years I have presented many genealogical workshops and programs for various groups and organizations, especially for 4-H, SAR, DAR, Scottish Rite and others.

Please make suggestions to make this a worthwhile blog for all of us interested in connecting our branches of this family to other branches to make it one big family tree!  My email address is: