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Claiborne Dandridge West of Buckingham County, Virginia

Claiborne West b.1759 of Virginia

No known contemporary record gives the middle name or initial of Claiborne WEST, although a grandson left a statement written about 1921 that his middle initial was "C".

Although long standing family legends claim that Claiborne West (1759-1822) descends from one of the four sons of Sir Thomas West (1555 - 24 March 1601/2), second Baron De La Warr, of Wherwell, Southampton, England, no proof of that connection is known to exist in spite of intensive professional and amateur research beginning in 1924 or earlier.

Details of several generations of Sir Thomas West’s (1555 - 24 March 1601/2) descendants can be found in John Frederick Dorman, compiler and editor, "Adventures of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5", 4th edition, three  volumes (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 2007), vol. 3, pp. 486-508.

The information which follows is based almost entirely on the book: Louetta West Wilson and John William Johnson, "Claiborne Dandridge West of Buckingham County, Virginia" (Dallas, Texas: Southern Methodist University Printing Department, 1967).  This book contains much information not available here.  The book has been microfilmed and is available through the Family History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on FHL US/CAN Film 1036177 Item 6.

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1 Claiborne Dandridge WEST, b 1759, d 1822 Christian Co KY
  + (Given Name Unknown) TINDALL, d 1800 VA
  2 Thomas WEST, b 1797 Buckingham Co VA, d 1870 Hood Co TX
    + Nancy Ann WOODSON, d 1850 Lafayette Co AR
  2 Benjamin WEST, b 1799 Buckingham Co VA, d 1885 Christian Co KY
    + Eliazbeth R. COSART, b 1811 NC, d 1841 Christian Co KY
* Second wife of Claiborne Dandridge WEST
  + (Given Name Unknown) SANDERS, d 1807 VA
  2 Edward WEST, b 1802 Campbell Co VA, d 1868 Red River Co TX
    + Susan T. JONES, b 1809 VA, d 1882 Red River Co TX
  2 Drury Amelius WEST, b 1804 Buckingham Co VA, d 1850 Shelby Co TX
    + Evalina P. RADFORD, b 1808 VA, d 1837 Christian Co KY
* Third wife of Claiborne Dandridge WEST
  + Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann WOODSON, b 1784 VA, d 1839 Christian Co KY
  2 Hector Rowan WEST, b 1808 Buckingham Co VA, d 1854 Vicksburg MS
    + VA OVERTON, b 1820 TN, m 1835
  2 Claiborne Dandridge WEST, b 1810 Buckingham Co VA, d 1861 Christian Co KY
    + Pauline N. RADFORD, m 1829, d 1830 Christian Co KY
    (Second wife of Claiborne Dandridge WEST, b 1810)
    + Serena HICKS, b 1831, m 1850
  2 William Henry Harrison WEST, b 1812 Buckingham Co VA, d 1854 Christian Co KY
    + Susan Stubblefield LONG, b 1818 Christian Co KY, d 1897 McCracken Co KY
  2 VA Louise WEST, b 1814 Buckingham Co VA, d 1849 Warren Co MS
    + Thomas Augustin COCKE, b 1809 VA, d 1836 Christian Co KY
    + Col. Josiah NEWMAN, m 1841
  2 Elvira Ann WEST, b 1816 Buckingham Co VA (or Christian Co KY), d 1896 Shelby Co, TN
    + Erasmus Stribling CRAWFORD, b 1815 Augusta Co VA, d 1865 Shelby Co TN
  2 John Jones WEST, b 1819 Christian Co KY, d 1854 Christian Co KY
    + Susan Jameson (or Jane) GLASS, b 1826 Christian Co KY, d 1888 Christian Co KY
  2 Elizabeth (Bettie) Claiborne WEST, b 1822 Christian Co KY, d 1892 Rankin Co MS
    + General Patrick HENRY, b 1802 Scott Co KY, d 1864 Rankin Co MS

[There is additional listing of generations 3 & 4 for the above that can be accessed here: - JGW]

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  1. Besides the birth of first son Thomas West in 1797, what is the earliest known record of Claiborne West born in 1759? Can anyone answer this for us?