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William West 1746 VA

WEST Family DNA Project
William West 1746 VA
WEST Family Group 5
Descendents of William WEST and Mary Rutherford.
This is the family represented by DNA samples W23 and W24.
Each male with the surname WEST in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of William WEST b 1746.   This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research.  Any living male with the surname WEST, who is descended from one of the WESTs in this chart, will have Y-DNA that matches samples W23 and W24.

1.   WEST
   2. William WEST, b 1746, d 1829 Greene Co. TN
        + Mary RUTHERFORD, m. abt 1770
         3. John WEST, b 1771 VA
         3. James WEST, b 1772 VA,  d 1834 Hawkins Co. TN
             + Nancy GRIGSBY
              4. Samuel WEST, b 1805 Hawkins Co TN, d 1861/62 Osage Co MO
                  + Nancy POINTER, m.  1829 Franklin Co. MO
                     5. Samuel WEST, b 1838 Gasconade Co MO, d 1922 Cole Co MO
                        + Nancy Jane KILMER, m. 1862 Osage Co MO
                       6. Mary Elizabeth WEST, b 1863 Osage Co MO, d 1960 Cole Co MO
                           + Joseph FINN, m. abt 1891 Gasconade Co MO
                       6. Martha R. WEST, b 1869 Osage Co MO, d bef 1900
                           + John SERZY (Surzey, Sercy)
                            7. Charles Lenzy SERZY, b 1894 MO,  d 1972
                       6. John Simeon WEST, b 1872 Osage Co MO, d 1943 Cole Co MO
                            + Nora Arminda FINN, m.  1901 Gasconade Co. MO
                       6. James Jasper WEST, b 1874 Osage Co MO, d 1936 Tulsa Co OK
                           + Eliza Catherine WHEAT, m. 1898 Gasconade Co MO
                              7. Arley Taylor WEST,b 1906 Gasconade Co MO, d 1972 Tulsa Co OK
                       6. Alice Malinda WEST, b 1877, d 1928 Tulsa Co OK
                           + Joseph W. Carroll, m. 1896 Gasconade Co MO
                       6. Minnie WEST, b 1880, died in infancy
                       6. unknown WEST
                       6. unknown WEST    
      2. James WEST, d. abt 1782 Rockingham Co. VA
          + Catherine BYRD, m. 1771
             3. William WEST, b 1781 VA, d 1843 VA .

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