Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Halcomb Heckart Branch of the West Family

Submitted by Cindy Halcomb Wyant.

A side note per Ben West’s early comments on the West/Milliken family. I discovered this just recently: Isabella West was the first wife of Hiram Halcomb, after she died he married a Frances Rice. Frances also died, and Hiram married for a third time a Mrs. Mahala Wade Vaughn. Mahala had an existing daughter, Senora T. Vaughn, who would marry George Harbison Milliken. George was the son of James Milliken and Elsie West Milliken. Just one of the many Halcomb/West/Milliken connections! I speak “Milliken” entanglement fairly well … if anyone has questions I am glad to share what I have learned. Those connections are also documented on my Ancestry site “Halcomb Heckart Family Tree,” owner cindywyant68.

There is another related topic I would like to address on the parentage of Isabella West Halcomb. There is a large amount of data out there showing that she is the daughter of “William West”. With the Will of Amos West (previously posted on the blog by Ben West) and the document (my last post) EC 5-60 - Scott vs Herndon, Filed 17 Nov 1815  - I think we can safely say that her father was Amos West. I believe that “William” was Amos’s oldest brother and that he may, or may not, have had a daughter named Isabella that is being confused with her first cousin - the wife of Hiram Halcomb. Would be interested in any comments on this.

I quit too soon on the paragraph on the West/Milliken family > Elsie/Elcie West Milliken was the daughter of William and Angeline Clendennen West – oldest brother of Amos – both sons of Richard West and Susannah “Isabel” Fike West.

Note: I have three Richard Wests related to Amos West. His father - Richard West (Sr.) 1739-1820; his brother – Richard West (Jr.) 1764-1820; and his son – Richard West (III) 1806-1841.

Thought you might be interested in these pictures of two of Amos West's
grandsons.  The second one is my great-great grandfather.  It's not often
that we are able to photographically document ancestors that are removed by that many generations.

Capt Amos West (1834-1913) taken about 1912.  Son of Richard West, and grandson of Amos West.  Enlisted in Company D, Kentucky 2nd Infantry Regiment, CSA on 13 Jul 1861.  Photo courtesy of Ben West for Find A Grave Memorial #67490937.

Amos Halcomb (1816-1896) taken about 1893.  Son of Isabella West Halcomb, grandson of Amos West.  Private, Co., A, Capt Alexander Robinson's Cass Co., Bn, District of the Border USA - Cass Co., Missouri 1864.  Photo courtesy of Cindy Halcomb Wyant

My great-great grandfather, Amos Halcomb, was the brother of Joseph Sively Halcomb – Isabel Stebbins descended from Joseph.  This picture of Amos Halcomb comes from a group sitting of four generations of Halcombs – Amos; his oldest son Joseph Sively;  grandson Lysander Berdette; and his great granddaughter Hazel Verne Boone Halcomb Hunsaker.  The baby looks to be about 6 months old – she was born 10 Jul 1892.  So I date the picture early 1893.  Lysander had two daughters – the second one was Theodora H. Halcomb Stebbins, the mother of Isabel Stebbins Giulvezan.  Isabel Stebbins Giulvezan was born in 1918 and died in 2000, she was the wife of George Steven Giulvezan Sr.  We owe her a great debt for all that she did in preserving our family history!  She was also the founding regent of the John Sappington Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution - Affton, Missouri.   – Cindy Halcomb Wyant

NOTE: My great grandfather, James William Halcomb’s, oldest brother, Joseph Sivley Halcomb, married Amanda Boone Scholl.  Amanda could trace her Boone lineage through her mother Harriett Rite Boone who was the daughter of Thomas Boone, son of Squire Boone, son of Samuel Boone who was the older brother of “Daniel Boone”.  Samuel and Daniel  were the sons of Squire Boone.  Many years later I would visit the Historic Boone home near Defiance, Missouri and find Isabel Stebbins Giulvezan listed on the wall as a member of their early preservation efforts.  Somehow I was not surprised at all to find her name there! :o)
Rest in Peace Isabel - your work continues!  Your words have not only stepped into the “computer age”, they now serve as testimony for an amazing phenomena called DNA which proves who we think we are.

I try to add as much “minutia” to my Ancestry sites as I can. I feel that is the most public way that I can share what I have learned.  My Halcomb Heckart Family Tree lists 14,760 people with 4,460 stories and pictures.

In my case I didn’t have the surroundings of family when I was growing up.  My father was a Government surveyor and we moved 27 times before I was 10 years old.  My mother’s family lived in North Dakota and we spent several assignments near them … so I knew who they were.  But the Halcomb side in Missouri was more of a mystery which was compounded by the fact that my grandfather Halcomb died before I was born.  I knew two of his sisters, and his mother was still living until I was age 4 – but I have only one vague memory of her.

Back in the 70’s I was on a search in Kentucky to find “who I really was” spurred mostly by whether I was a Hal
comb or a Holcomb.  I came on the manuscript “Notes on Hiram Halcomb …” by Isabel Stebbins Giulvezan in the Kentucky State Historical Society Library.  I photocopied it in its entirety!  Her wonderful research got me started on the complexities of our family.  Returning home after my trip, I corresponded with Isabel and she graciously allowed me to use her research.  It was just recently that I discovered she had also written another manuscript “Notes on Amos West …” which I am sure you are aware of.  If not, it is in ebook form on Ancestry.  She did an amazing job of itemizing legal documents for the last 30 years of his life.


  1. Thanks for posting, Cindy! How do you know that Richard West is the father of Amos West?

  2. Afternoon, Cindy,

    I truly enjoyed seeing the photo of Amos Halcomb and the four generations of his family. That is exciting about the connection between Mahala Wade Vaughn and Senora T. Vaughn as well.

    I regret to report, however, that my peer reviewed research by many members of this site has suggested that William West (b. 1752), reputed to have married Angeline Clendennen (actually only her possible name) is not the brother of Amos West but probably his uncle. There is more that I can share with you at a later time.

    Isabel Stebbins Giulvezan was a skilled researcher whom I admire, but she was unknowingly the recipient of some questionable information from Letta Brock Stone's THE WEST FAMILY REGISTER about William West.

    Amos West more than likely had a younger brother named William West (b. 1775), known as William West, Jr. in Logan County, Kentucky records. This may be a lot to hear in one post, but I can furnish evidence if you would like.


    Cousin Ben