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Ignatius West in Virginia

Ignatius West of King George & Stafford Counties VA

I have a small bit to contribute regarding research on our Wests in Virginia. Back in May I ordered 2 additional microfilms from LDS for Orange Co VA: 1) #33016 Deed Books 15 & 16, 1768-1778. 2) #33017 – Birth Records 1751-1778.

Firstly, the Birth Records were a waste of time, effort, and money as they only showed two families, neither being Wests or other known associated families. I sometimes wish there was a way for patrons to leave comments/evaluations for these microfilm. It would be great to review their contents before ordering.

I knew that the deed records on the other microfilm had a specific deed in which we were interested. Ignatius West sold land in which we had previously found a record for his purchase in 1746. Perhaps I should give a little more background information.

About a year ago I was researching a Thomas West who appeared in some records of Orange Co, VA between 1746 and 1753. The only tie that I could find between this Thomas West and ‘our’ Thomas West was the fact that the name Ignatius West also appeared in Orange Co records beginning at the same time. The first mention of this Ignatius West was in 1746 when Ignatius West of King George Co, VA purchased 527 acres of land from James Shorwood (or perhaps Shorwood James).

I knew from deed indices that Ignatius sold this land to William Strother in 1776. However, I wanted to find out if Ignatius West removed from King George Co to Orange Co before he sold the land. In fact, the deed showed that Ignatius West and Patience, his wife, lived in the VA county of Stafford on the date of the deed, 24 Sept 1770.

There have been several other records found showing that an Ignatius West lived in Stafford Co, VA. This deed shows the probability that the Ignatius of King George and the Ignatius of Stafford were probably one and the same person. Some of the Stafford County Records include a 1776 “Ten-thousand Name Petition” which also lists Edward West. Although this petition does not designate in which county of Virginia the petitioners resided, there seemed to be many on that page from Stafford County. Another record for Ignatius would be his appearance on a listing of members of Chopawamsic Baptist Church showing their intention to split and create a church in Stafford Co in 1766. (The original church may have been located in Fauquier County. Since there was another Ignatius West of Fauquier Co, I’m not sure if the Chopawamsic records shows that these are two separate Ignatius Wests, or that the Ignatius of Fauquier and Stafford are the same, also.) There were other Wests on this list including Edward West and James West who appear to be sons of John West of Stafford Co whose descendants are members of our Thomas West’s DNA group.

It appears that I have exhausted all the leads and hints which surfaced in our initial findings of a Thomas West in Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties in Virginia more than a year ago. As I looked back on our discussions of our findings on this site, I found that there were 7 or 8 different discussions documenting and discussing those findings. Perhaps in the next several days I will start a new discussion to summarize those findings and provide links to those older discussions for details.

- Submitted by Ron Roy on the West, Fike site (addressed to Kevin)

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