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Judah West (1765-1825)

Wests from Middlesex and Litchfield Counties, Connecticut:
Judah West (1765-1825)

Compiled by Joy Ikelman, December 2014. Disclaimers apply. Note: The use of double dating, such as 1630/1631, reflects the difference between the Julian and Gregorian Calendars.

Background: Judah West (1765-1825) was added to West DNA Family Group #5 in 2007. [1] David West, Jr. (1761-ca 1855) and Aaron West (1763-1840) were his brothers. They were descendants of Thomas West (1630/1631-1720) of Essex County, Massachusetts. This is the last of six articles about the Connecticut line of this FG#5 family. This concludes my year-long study of the family of Thomas West.

Thomas West (1630/1631-1720) m. Phebe Waters
       - Benjamin West (1665-1733) m. Hannah Shadduck
            - Benjamin West, Jr. (1696-after 1739) m. Mehitable Bailey
                  - David West (ca. 1736-1822) m. Judith Hills
                        - David West, Jr. (1761-ca 1855) m. Unknown
                        - Aaron West (1763-1840) m. Susannah Kellogg
                        - Judah West (1765-1825) m. Mary Todd

Three Revolutionary War Patriots
Judah, Aaron, and David West were brothers who served in the Revolutionary War. They were the sons of David West (Sr.) and Judith Hills West. Their combined service spans from 1776 to 1783—nearly the entire war. Their Revolutionary War pension applications are a rich source of information on historical events and also their personal lives. Each of the three articles on these brothers includes a biography, references, and a transcript of the pension application. 

Judah West was born on 11 Sep 1765 [2] in Middlesex County, Connecticut. Judah probably grew up on his family’s land in what is today called East Hampton, Middlesex County, CT (south of Lake Pocotopaug). [3] There was another Judah West born in Connecticut about this time, so it is important to follow the correct family! [4]

Revolutionary War Service
In 1781, one month before his sixteenth birthday, Judah West voluntarily enlisted in the service at Chatham, Middlesex County, CT. [5] He served from August 1781 through December 1783.

Judah West’s pension application says that he served under Colonel Jackson and also under Colonel Sprout. He was in Captain Smith’s company. He was in the third or eighth regiment on the Massachusetts Line. There is some confusion on this. His pension application mentions the eighth regiment. His official discharge from service—included with his pension application—says the third regiment.

By the Honourable Major-General Knox Commanding the American Forces on Hudson’s River. Here may certify that Judah West, private in the third Massachusetts Regiment, being enlisted for Three Years, is hereby honourably discharged from the Service of the United States. Given in the State of New York, the twenty third Day of December 1783. By the General’s Command. H Knox MGen.  Registered in the Books of the Regiment, John B. Stafford, Adjt
Two secondary sources have other versions. A mention in Annals of Winchester says Judah West served in the eighth company, second regiment. [6] Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War (1896) says:

West, Judah. Private, Capt. Ebenezer Smith’s (Seventh) Co., Eighth Mass. Regt. Commanded by Col. Michael Jackson; muster roll for April, 1783, balance of term of enlistment unexpired, 15 months 18 days. [7]

Judah West enlisted in Middlesex County, CT but served on the Massachusetts Line instead of the Connecticut Line. Why did this happen?

The Continental Congress assigned each State a number of soldiers required to maintain a viable Continental Army. Connecticut was divided into districts, and a close accounting was made of all males 16 years and older. As an example, Middlesex County, CT, took care “that the old men, middle aged & young men, rich and poor men be distributed into each of the said classes equally as may be, & notify the same accordingly.” [8]

After the men were trained, they were usually assigned to the Connecticut Line. However, each State had their own system, and sometimes negotiated with other States to meet their recruitment goals. The list of Connecticut pensioners in 1818 shows the diversity of service. Judah is noted as “Priv., Mass.” Other men from Connecticut served on the Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey Lines. [9]

In 1780, the Continental Congress (with General George Washington) reorganized the Army. By 15 Nov 1783, all the Massachusetts regiments had disbanded, and thus, the Massachusetts Line was no longer in existence. [10] Judah West was discharged in December.

The West Family Moves to Litchfield County, Connecticut
In 1783, David West and Judith Hills West, Judah’s parents, moved the family to Winsted (Winchester Township), Litchfield County, CT. Winchester was considered a remote area at the time. David West “first lived in a log house at the base of Cobble Hill on Spencer Street, a little south of the site of the Joshua Hewitt dwelling.” [11] He later lived on the turnpike (Main Street) in “an old house on the site of George Dudley’s residence. [12]

Judah, who was 18 years old, moved with his family to Winsted. There were six other children, ages 6 to 16, living at home. Judah’s older brother Aaron also moved to Winsted. He lived on Spencer Street, like his father. He was “a grantee of the Lockwood Farm.” [13]

Judah West “first lived on the Halsey Burr place on the old Still River turnpike” and then “on the east side of the same road where the old toll gate was located.” [14] Today, this is in the region of Connecticut Route 8 and U.S. Route 44. Judah lived there until his death in 1825. An inventory with his pension application stated that he had 20 acres of land (in 1818).

Marriage to Mary Todd
Two years after moving to Winsted, Judah married Mary Todd of Winchester. They were married on 26 Dec 1785 in Colebrook, Litchfield County, CT [15] at Elijah Rockwell, Sr.’s house. Rockwell was a Justice of the Peace. [16]

Mary Todd West’s birth year and birth place are not known. Her tombstone implies (but does not state) that she was born in 1764. Judah West’s pension application says it is 1760; her widow’s pension application suggests it is 1763. According to the Census of 1840, her birth year is possibly 1761. It was not unusual to be unsure of your birth date during those times.

Children of Judah and Mary West
Only the first four children are recorded in Winchester, Connecticut Vital Records. Fortunately for family researchers, another interesting record exists. A page from a West Family Bible was included with Mary West’s pension application. The page was in the handwriting of Hiram Wescott (who married Flora West). He copied information from Judah West’s older Bible to a new one (in 1821) at the request of Mary West. The original had been in Judah West’s handwriting. Wescott testified that it was a “true copy.” This copy was torn out of the Bible and sent with Mary’s application. [17]

The first copied entry is a child named Christopher Basset, born 6 Sept 1782. [18] Edgar West testified that:  

. . . I further state that I have always understood that Christopher Basset whose birth is first entered on said record is not the son of my said father but an illegitimate son of my said mother born several years before the Marriage of my said father & mother.

Mary West would have been about 16 to 18 years old when she had this child. We do not know the circumstances or the fate of Christopher. Nine West children are listed on the Bible page: Polly, David, Alpha, Nancy, David, Hannah, Edgar, Welthy, and Flora. All were born in Winsted, Connecticut, from 1786 through 1804.

Note: All census information below is from the Records of the Bureau of the Census, National Archives, Washington, D.C.  Images from the originals are available from various on-line sources.

1. Mary (or Polly) West b. 26 Sep 1786. [19]
        m. about 1806 Erastus Burr. [20]
        Mary and Erastus Burr moved to western New York about 1812. [21] In the 1820 Census, Erastus Burr and his family are counted in Butternuts, Otsego County, New York. There are two adults and four children. In the 1830 Census they have two children living at home. It appears from later census records that Erastus did not move from the area, but may have remarried.

2. David West b. 20 Feb 1789; d. 22 Feb 1790. [22] He lived one year.

3. Alpha West b. 4 Sep 1790 [23]; d. 8 Mar 1848; buried at Concord Township Cemetery, Lake County, Ohio. [24]
        m. Anna, b. 1792; d. 9 Nov 1864; buried at Concord Township Cemetery. [25]
        According to the 1820 Census, Alpha West and his family lived in Butternuts, Otsego County, New York. There are two adults and four children. Erastus and Mary West Burr lived there also.
        In the 1830 Census, Alpha West and his family lived in New Berlin, Chenango, New York. There are two adults and six children. His younger brother David is also listed in this Census. “Historical Sketches of Old New Berlin” mentions them both:

Alpha West and his brother David were among the first settlers in the neighborhood of the Swan farm. It was the custom then to have company trainings, officer trainings and regimental trainings yearly, and Alpha and David performed their military duties as musicians, making the wild woods ring with martial music on parade days. They too, went west a long time ago to seek their fortune in other lands. [26]

        When Alpha and David West were living in New Berlin, some West DNA Family Group #5 cousins were living in Norwich (in the same county) about nine miles away. [27] The cousins were Stephen, Ephraim, David, Talmadge, and Clinton West. They were descended from Samuel West (b. about 1659/1660). Alpha and David were descended from Samuel’s brother, Benjamin West (b. 1665). I’m not sure that the cousins knew about each other.
        I could not find Alpha West in the 1840 Census. In 1848, Alpha was the first of the West family to be buried at Concord Township Cemetery in Lake County, Ohio.

4. Nancy West b. 6 Sept 1792 [28]; d. 10 May 1850; buried at Concord Township Cemetery, Lake County, Ohio. [29]
        m. Roswell Burr (1794-1857), brother to Halsey Burr and Erastus Burr. Erastus married Mary (Polly).
        Children included David Burr, Luther Burr, Halsey Burr, and Roswell Burr. [30]
        In the 1830 Census Nancy and Roswell, and five or six children were living in Winchester, Litchfield County, CT. They moved to Ohio in 1833. [31] In the 1840 Census, they were in Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio; no children were living with them.

The rest of the children are recorded in the Bible record but not in Winchester Vital Records.

5. David West b. 13 Jun 1794 [32]; d. 16 Aug 1878; buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery, Kane County, Illinois. [33]
        m. (1) 5 Feb 1816 Dorothy “Dolly” Phelps, in Chenango County, NY. She was born 13 Feb 1794 in New York and died 7 Feb 1831. [34] She is buried at Upper Phelps Cemetery in New Berlin, Chenango County, NY. Some of their children were also buried there. [36] There were “seven children, three living” (in 1878). [37] One was William P. West, b. 11 Mar 1818; d. 14 May 1886. [38]
        m. (2) 7 Feb 1832 Rachel Simmons Stoddard, a widow, in Chenango County, NY. [39] She was born 31 May 1803 in Winsted, Litchfield County, CT. [40] She married (1) Norman Stoddard of Litchfield, CT, 18 Apr 1822. [41] She died 6 Aug 1884 in Blackberry, Kane County, IL. She is buried with David West in Sugar Grove Cemetery. The monument says “Father and Mother.” [42] David and Rachel had five children including George C. West, F.J. West, Theron W. West, and Helen E. West Reeves. [43]
        David West and his older brother Alpha lived in New Berlin, Chenango County, NY at the same time. Please refer to Alpha’s entry. The entry also mentions DNA cousins that lived in Norwich, Chenango County, NY, nine miles away. Beatrice West Seitz, genealogist for these cousins, examined land deeds and included those for David and Dorothy West in her publication. [44] See the reference for abstracts.
        David West was listed in the 1840 Census of New Berlin, Chenango County, NY. David, Rachel and their children came to Kane County, Illinois in September 1843. [45] He was listed in the 1850 Census of Blackberry, Kane County, IL.
        David West’s home was “a stopping place of many of the stockmen who were enroute to Chicago, and he was also quite friendly with the Indians. . .” The Wests were considered an “honored pioneer family” in Kane County, IL. [46]

6. Hannah West b. 20 Jul 1796 [47]; d. 14 Jun 1856; buried at Concord Township Cemetery, Lake County, Ohio. [48]
        m. J.P. (John Peter) Oviatt [49]
        Children included Huldah Oviatt Burr, Maryette Oviatt Wilcox, Harriett Oviatt Hodges. [50] The Oviatt family was listed in the 1840 Census for Concord, Lake County, Ohio.

7. Edgar West b. 8 Jan 1798 [51]; d. 14 Jun 1883; buried at Concord Township Cemetery, Lake County, Ohio. [52]
        m. Margaret A. Wilson. [53]
        In the 1820 Census, Edgar West was living in Winchester, Litchfield County, CT with his wife and one child under ten years old. In the 1830 Census, Edgar West was in Concord, Geauga County, Ohio with his wife and five children. Edgar was the first sibling who moved to Ohio with his family.
        In the 1840 Census, Edgar West, his wife and eight children are listed in Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio. There is an elderly woman living with them. This is Mary West, who moved from Winsted, Connecticut in about 1836. [54]
        In Dec 1864, Edgar West was appointed to represent his district in a committee for the “Christmas Jubilee”—an event that gave donations to soldiers’ families (Union Army). [55] In Oct 1865, Edgar West was re-elected as a Justice of the Peace in Chardon. [56]
        In the 1880 Census of Chardon, Edgar is listed as a widower and is 81 years old.

8. Welthy or Wealthy West b. 18 May 1801 [57]
        m. 19 Jun 1822 Watrous T. Menter. [58] Menter is noted as an officer in the Chardon Grand Lodge (Masons) in Ohio (1842), with Hiram Wescott, who married Flora West. [59]

9. Flora West b. 1 Dec 1804 [60]; d. 17 Nov 1848; probably buried at Concord Township Cemetery, Lake County Ohio. [61]
        m. 29 Nov 1821 Hiram Wescott (b. 21 Dec 1798). [62] The 1830 Census lists them in Barkhamsted, Litchfield, CT. After Flora died, Hiram married (2) 2 Aug 1849 Hannah Hosford. [63]. Hiram and Hannah Hosford Wescott are buried together at Chardon Municipal Cemetery, Geauga County, OH. [64].

Timeline for Judah and Mary West
1790, 1800 and 1810. The Census of 1790 for Winchester, Litchfield, CT shows Judah and Mary, and two children. The Census of 1800 shows the growing family of eight children. The Census of 1810 has no listing for Judah and his family. They may have not been counted, or the records may have been lost. There is another possibility. Did they live in New York at that time?

In 1810, brother Aaron West was living in the region of Whitestown, Oneida County, New York. [65] Whitestown was located on a very large land patent belonging to investors securing a new frontier. These settlements were on the route to the Connecticut Western Reserve, a parcel that would become the future State of Ohio. [66]. Family tradition says that Aaron West was a lumberman, and moved from site to site clearing lands for settlement. [67] Perhaps Aaron invited Judah to join the venture. Aaron’s name was listed as “A. West” in the Oneida County Census of 1810. There are other Wests listed by initial—“P,” “W,” “Z” (or “T”) and two with the initial “J”. The listing for one “J. West” accounts for almost all of Judah and Mary’s children. However, the listing is not exactly correct, so we cannot take this as proof without more information. 

1818. In April 1818, Judah West applied for his Revolutionary War pension. He was living in Winsted (Winchester Township), Litchfield County, CT.

1820. Judah appeared in court in 1820, and provided an inventory of his possessions. This inventory is below, in the section, “Judah West’s Revolutionary War Pension Application.” In July of 1820, he began receiving 8 dollars per month (about $163 per year—$1,960 per year today). [68] In the Census of 1820, Judah and Mary are listed with two children. These would be Wealthy and Flora.

1825. Judah West died on 9 Apr 1825. He is buried at Winsted Old Burying Ground (Central Cemetery) in Winsted, Connecticut near his mother. [69] His marker reads:

In Memory of Judah West who died 9 April 1825 at 60 yrs
How sudden was the fatal stroke
When the Lord his summons spoke              
My friends & children now draw near
And see that you for death prepare.

1830. In the 1830 Census of Winchester, Litchfield, CT, Mary West is living by herself. Judah and Mary had been married about 40 years. Only Roswell and Nancy West Burr still remained in the area. The rest of her children had moved to New York and Ohio. Her son Edgar was the first to move to Geauga County, Ohio in the Connecticut Western Reserve, and eventually, others followed.

1836. Mary moved to Ohio in about 1836. [70]

1840. The Census of 1840 shows that Mary is living with her son Edgar West in Chardon, Geauga County, OH. 

1841. In 1841, Mary applied for the “widow’s pension.” She received $80 per year (about $2,100 today). [71] According to a contributor on the Findagrave Web site, Mary West married Alfred Tucker in 1841. Her tombstone says “Mary Tucker,” but I could find no verification of the date of their marriage.

1850. Mary’s tombstone at Concord Township Cemetery (Lake County, OH) says, “Mary Tucker, former wife of Judah West, 26 May 1850, age 86 years.” [72] Other family members buried there include Alpha and Anna West, Roswell and Nancy West Burr, John and Hannah West Oviatt, and Edgar and Margaret Wilson West.

Looking for the Link to Another West Family
West DNA Family Group #5 includes a variety of mystery ancestors, linked by DNA. The line of Judah West and another line, David West (b. 1758) of Dutchess and Genesee Counties, NY, share an interesting DNA similarity. The results say:

It appears likely that [the two modern day participants] are from the same branch of this family that either immigrated to the New England area, or moved there from the Virginia area before 1750. [The two participants] have values of 30 for the marker DYS 389-2, while everyone else in this group have values of 29. [73]

David West (b.1758) may have descended from Thomas West (b. 1630/1631) or his brother Henry West (b.1629) just like Judah West. Or, perhaps there was another male ancestor that has yet to be discovered. So far, the link between Judah West and his DNA cousin David West has not been determined.

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Judah West’s Revolutionary War Pension Application

April 6, 1818
I Judah West of Winchester in the County of Litchfield and State of Connecticut depose and declare that in the month of August 1781 I enlisted as a Soldier in the Service of my Country in the Revolutionary war against the Common Enemy in the Company of a Capt. Smith in the Regmt of Col Jackson in the Massachusetts line and I joined the Army at West Point. I served about two years under Col. Jackson and the next part of the time under Col. Sprout. General Patterson Commanded the Brigade I Belonged to. I enlisted for three years and served faithfully until the Army was Disbanded and the war closed. Then I received my Discharge under the hand of General Knox dated the 23rd day of December 1783, which I send here with enclosed. I further Depose and Declare that I am poor and needy and have in need of the aid of my Country for Support. I am Fifty two years old and have a family. Judah West. (signature)

State of Connecticut to Litchfield County April 6th day 1818. Personally approved Judah West signer of the above affidavit and made solemn Oath to truth of the same before me. Augustus Pettibone, Chief Judge, Litchfield County Court. To: Hon John C. Calhoun, Secretary of War.

July 5, 1820
District of Connecticut, County of Litchfield, County Court on this 5 day of July 1820 personally appeared in open court, being a court of Record for said county in said district, having the power to fine and imprison Judah West aged 56 years resident in said county, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows: He enlisted into the 8th Regiment Massachusetts line Michael or Henry Jackson Colonel, Capt Smith’s company, August 1781 and continued until the end of the War, and his discharge is to be found in the department of war, forwarded by him under his petition for a pension – that his original declaration was stated the 6th of April 1818 and that he received a pension certificate No. 1020.

. . .and I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States . . . and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property, or securities, contracts or debts due to me; nor have I income other than that what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed, viz
$53.00   A life Estate in ___ of my wife of twenty acres of broken land lying in Winchester with a cottage & barn standing there on
42.00     2 Cows & ten sheep
3.00        1 hog
                10 Geese 5 Hens
1.75        1 Draught ___ one ax, 1 hoe
.75          1 Saw, 1 hammer 1 shave
3.50        8 chairs, ____ & ____
2.25        1 set andirons 2 old broken pots  - 2 kettles
.75          Tea Kettle dish Kettle 6 Knives and forks
3.00        2 old tables – 2 chairs
.35          1 looking glass small & old
2.00        1 wooden desk
1.00        And sundry other articles as jugs, basins, plates and tea cups & saucers not distinctly enumerated barely however sufficient for present necessity
Judah (his mark) West

There is also a note in my name which is and always was the property of my son, being ___ of his own industry, for 100 dollars and dated 7 Sep 1815. Endorsed 10 Mar 1817. Thirty eight Dollars and 18 Nov 1817 Twelve dollars & 47 cents. There are honest debts against me of the amount one hundred and fifty dollars.

I am a man infirm: having had 2 shocks of palsy – but am able to do some labour. I am by occupation a laboring man. My family consists of my wife Mary West & two Daughters – my  wife is 58 years old, is infirm, & unable to labour much & one of my daughters is 17 years of age, the other fifteen & dependent on me for support. Judah (his mark) West

Court agreed that the total value of the property was $112.25, 17 Jul 1820.

c/o Hon John L. Calhoun, Secretary of War.


  1. This last article of the Judah West branch of our DNA Family Group #5 is just another example of the tremendous genealogical research of Joy Ikelman. This has been a one year quest to tell the story of this family. Joy began on Jan 1st. of 2014... and now, at the end of 2014, this story has been published. The West DNA Family Project is so very much indebted to her efforts and generous contribution to this blog. Each article has been thoroughly documented and written in a very organized manner that is easy to follow and interesting to read. Thanks, Joy! Well done! Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, John. Happy New Year (2015) to all !!!