Friday, September 26, 2014

Beauchamp-Herndon Cemetery - Logan County, Kentucky

The photos and information were originally posted in My "West, Fike & Affiliate Families" by Ben West (Feb. 6, 2000) _ all material in this post is copyrighted by Ben West...

The Beauchamp-Herndon Cemetery from a distance - Logan County, Kentucky

This cemetery, located either on or near the former Captain James Herndon farm, has within its borders many tombstones labeled Beauchamp and Herndon,
markers for many distinguished family members. Two sons of Captain James Herndon, Sr. (1731-1815), Elisha Herndon and Joseph Herndon, lie interred there, and it is there that several descendants of the renowned Dr. R. N. Beauchamp are buried.

Closer View of the Beauchamp-Herndon Cemetery Thicket

This photograph displays a view inside the Beauchamp-Herndon Cemetery thicket. The Beauchamp-Herndon Cemetery is in an extremely poor state of repair. Tombstones stand weathered by moss, the elements, and lichens, and weeds and underbrush nearly choke the tombstones from view. Currently, the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 710 of Bowling Green, Kentucky, are planning to mount a restoration project for the scouts, a project that I conceived three weeks ago and shared with individuals who could more actively see to its commencement.

Tombstone of Elizabeth Aingell Herndon (1772-1847?)

This is the tombstone of Elizabeth Herndon, the wife of Elisha Herndon (1768-1826) of Logan County, Kentucky.

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